Own raw materials

Ichthyol-Gesellschaft manufactures unique raw materials from highly sulfuric oil shale in GMP compliant production under the umbrella term of Ichthyol substances. Fascinated by the numerous inclusions of prehistoric scale fish in the rock Greek “Ichthys” was combined with latin “Oleum” to the illustrious name of “Ichthyol”.

Chemically regarded Ichthyol substances are sulfonated shale oils of highest purity. Their uniquely high content of organically combined sulphur is indispensable for their therapeutic efficacy.

The Ichthyol substances belong to the best documented active ingredients from nature today.  Their versatile actions and their good tolerance are substantiated by clinical and toxicological studies, respectively.

Generally one has to distinguish between so called dark and pale sulfonated shale oils which are offered as raw materials worldwide under own trademarks.

Under the trademark of ICHTHAMMOL® the dark Ichthyol substance is offered worldwide for application in human and veterinary medicine. GMP certified ICHTHAMMOL® from Seefeld / Austria meets the requirements of different pharmacopoeias (e.g. Ph. Eur., U.S.P.). For Ph. Eur. quality a certificate of suitability issued by the European regularity authority is available under registration number R1-CEP-2001-274-Rev 01. In the scope of the European MRL-procedure the substance was evaluated as safe and, therefore, can be applied topically in mammalian food producing animals – including milk-producing ones. 

Under the name of ICHTHYOL PALE® a pale Ichthyol substance specially developed for cosmetic application is offered. In hair- and skincare the cosmetic agent with the official INCI-name “sodium shale oil sulfonate” has gained importance worldwide because of its broad action profile. Its benefits in control of severe dandruff and skin blemishes could be proven in a variety of clinical studies. ICHTHYOL PALE® is distinguished by versatile cosmetic formulation possibilities.

Manufacture and quality are adapted to the ever-growing legal requirements in order to provide users of our raw materials certainty for future utilization.

Pale as well as dark Ichthyol substances are already prepared for registration in scope of the new European Chemicals Act after entry into force of the so called “REACH regulation”.

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