For treatment of inflammatory skin disorders mainly ointments with a concentration between 10 and 50% of  active ingredient are applied. Standard formulations can be taken from “Neues Rezeptur Formularium” (NRF) in Germany or from the United States pharmacopoeias (USP).

Lanolin 10%
Petrolatum 80%
Thoroughly incorporate the ICHTHAMMOL® with the Lanolin, and combine this mixture with the Petrolatum.  

The obvious benefit of the well tolerated active ingredient ICHTHAMMOL® consists in the fact that the effects of several principals of action are interconnected. Considering for example a skin disease caused by bacterial invasion or fungus infection, not only bacteria and fungi are controlled but also the inflammatory symptom/process/condition is favourably influenced by ICHTHAMMOL®.

In human medicine the application of the respective concentration of ICHTHAMMOL® primarily follows the indication and its degree of severity. With inflammations of facial skin ICHTHAMMOL® ointment 10% is used, in inflammations of sweat glands or inflammations of root or side of nails as a rule 10 and 20% ointments are applied, whereas in treatment of abscesses and furuncles (boils) mainly ointments containing 20 and 50% of ICHTHAMMOL® are employed. For orthopaedic indications as for example inflammation of bursa sacs, tennis- or golf elbow as well as strains with joint involvement ICHTHAMMOL® ointment 50% is used.

In veterinary medicine ICHTHAMMOL® is allowed to be used locally according to legal provisions in all mammalian food-producing animals including milk-producing ones. Main indications are abscesses, furuncles (boils) panaritium and phlegmones.

Applications e.g. in minor infected stab wounds or cuts are described as well. At best the infection is drawn outwards through the skin-barrier softened after administration of ICHTHAMMOL® ointment by involvement of osmotic interface effects or it is dissolved completely.