The highly viscous, blackish-brown substance resulting from the production procedure is a mixture of polar compounds which for the main part consist of sulphonated thiophene derivatives. Among others, pharmacopoeia requirements refer to the content of organically combined sulphur which is considered particularly valuable therapeutically. With a sulphur content of more than 14% (with reference to the dried substance) dark sulfonated shale oil from production in Seefeld is unique and incomparable with qualities of other origin. Uniqueness of ICHTHAMMOL® from Seefeld is proven by physicochemical analysis. By means of chromatographic methods (HPLC) it is possible to obtain unambiguous information about origin of a sample material even from finished products.

In this way imitations of ICHTHAMMOL® which are distributed as counterfeit drugs can be made out without any doubt. In the absence of suitable deposits of schists vegetable oils are sulfonated darkly sometimes and offered under the name of ICHTHAMMOL®. This falsification substantially has nothing to do with ICHTHAMMOL®.

ICHTHYOL-GESELLSCHAFT offers GMP certified ICHTHAMMOL® from its own production in USP and Ph.Eur. qualities (BP adopted Ph.Eur. monograph in the meantime) with complete certificates of analysis. For Ph.Eur. quality of Seefeld ICHTHAMMOL® a certificate of suitability is available under registration number R1-CEP 2001-274-Rev 01.

The product is dispatched in UN certified containers with appropriate labelling in quantities of 50 and 200 kg and is accompanied by up-to-date material safety data sheets. The type of drums facilitates processing of ICHTHAMMOL® and guarantees emptying without leaving a residue. Minimum durability after manufacture is 6 years.

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