Differentiation from Tars

Since 1996, the production of cosmetic shampoos containing coal tar is prohibited in EC because of the toxicity of tars. ICHTHYOL® PALE is recommended as alternative for coal tar.

There are still some reports in the scientific literature in which sulfonated shale oils, such as ICHTHYOL® PALE, are falsely grouped with tars because of their related efficacy and characteristic odour. ICHTHYOL® PALE and tars differ in terms of.

Starting material: Starting material:
oil shale from marine phytoplankton Coal from terrestrial plants
Dry distillation: about 450°C Dry distillation: about 1000°C
Intermediary product: Crude Shale Oil  
Active ingredient: sulfonated shale oil Active ingredient: coal tar
- salts in aqueous solution - mixture of hydrocarbons
- surfactant properties and phenols
- water-soluble - lipophilic; not water soluble
- sulphur-rich - sulphur-poor
High purity with regard to PAH Severely contaminated with PAH
(< 0.001 ppm benzo[a]pyrene) (> 5000 ppm benzo[a]pyrene)
not mutagenic, not carcinogenic indications of mutagenicity, cancerogenicity