In the physical-chemical specification, ICHTHYOL® PALE shows a remarkably high content of organically combined sulphur which originates from microbial degradation of phytoplanktonic biomass.

Analytical characteristics of ICHTHYOL® PALE are as follows:

Tests Specification
Colour in thin layer light-brown, in thick layer dark-brown
Odour characteristic
Consistency liquid
Solubility - soluble in water, miscible with glycerine partly soluble in alcohol and ether
Identity - formation of a precipitate by addition of hydrochloric acid
- detection of sodium
Purity - pH-value (1 % aq. solution): 6.0 - 7.5
- sulfated ash: max. 15 %
- refractive index (20°C/68°F): 1.44 - 1.46
- relative density (20°C/68°F): 1.15 - 1.25
Dried substance min. 50.0 %
Sulfur 11.0 - 13.5 %
Sulfur in the form of sulfate max. 0.25 %

ICHTHYOL-GESELLSCHAFT offers GMP certified ICHTHYOL® PALE from own production in different packing units. Each delivery is accompanied by a complete certificate of analysis and a material safety data sheet. For our customers methods of analysis are available on request (contact).