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Our unique active ingredient for skin and joint issues

Medicinal products made with the active ingredient Ichthyol® -extracted from natural shale rock – enable a gentle and effective therapeutic approach. Find the appropriate product here.

Treat bacterial skin infections without antibiotics

There is an increase in resistant bacteria, against which antibiotics are no longer effective. Find out more about Ichthotop® Gel as an antibiotic alternative for children and adults here.

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Ichthosin Key Visual

Itching (pruritis) - relief without cortisone

Irritation caused by conditions like atopic dermatitis and eczema, can be debilitating for adults and especially children. The common solution is to reach for a cream with glucocorticoids, also called cortisone. However, many people have reservations about prolonged or extensive cortisone therapy because it can lead to side effects. Learn more about our  cortisone alternative Ichthosin® cream for treating mild atopic dermatitis and other eczema-related conditions.

Medicines sourced from the heart of the mountain

The French Jura Mountains were formed 10 million years ago. This is where Ichthyol-Gesellschaft extracts a rare sedimentary rock known as “oil shale” from its own mine. Within this rock is an active ingredient with a unique range of therapeutic applications. Discover more

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Ichtholan 50 FS

Infected spot? Abscess? Nail bed inflammation? Hair root inflammation? Inflammation caused by splinters?

Our black drawing ointment Ichtholan® fights bacteria and quickly draws the inflammation from the skin.

Reddened cheeks and acne-like pimples - are you suffering from rosacea?

Learn more about treating rosacea from the inside out with Ichthraletten® – the only over-the-counter tablet currently  available for rosacea.

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Medicines are a matter of trust

To find out more about us as a company we warmly invite you to read our introduction to Ichthyol-Gesellschaft.

Ichthyol® raw materials for corporate customers

Ichthyol-Gesellschaft markets GMP-compliant unique raw materials extracted from “oil shale” to produce medicines and cosmetics. Click here to access our section for industrial customers.

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Ichthyol. Ihr starker Partner in der Rezeptur

Ichthyol - your trusted partner in formulation

Services for medical practitioners and pharmacy teams: click here for the “Folia Ichthyolica” formulation collection. In the database we provide rapid access to uncomplicated, standardised extemporaneous dermatological preparations that have been galenically, analytically and microbiologically controlled.