High grade active ingredients, decades of experience and highest quality standards have made our independent, family-owned pharmaceutical company to one of the most important suppliers of therapeutics in dermatology and orthopaedics.

ICHTHYOL-GESELLSCHAFT has the distinction of being manufacturer of own active ingredients made from natural oil shale rock. For this purpose oil shale rock with a high content of sulphur that is indispensable for efficacy is exploited in our mine in France in a sophisticated system of underground chambers.

Subsequently, this oil shale rock is heated and processed in our production plan in Seefeld/Tirol to the different ICHTHYOL® substances.

The dark and pale types of ICHTHYOL® obtained thereby as active ingredients are unique throughout the world. They are used in a large number of medicinal products at ICHTHYOL-GESELLSCHAFT in Hamburg.

Efficacy of these medicinal products containing dark and pale types of ICHTHYOL® is substantiated by a lot of clinical studies.

In addition, results of extensive scientific studies are available for both ICHTHYOL® substances proving that both active ingredients exhibit antibacterial, anti-itching as well as wound healing promoting properties.

By means of these scientific proofs we were successful in obtaining marketing authorisations for our finished pharmaceutical products with the appropriate health authorities.

Furthermore we were able to proof for our ICHTHYOL® substances comparable actions as cortisones and antibiotics. However, they are better tolerated and suitable for long term therapy.

Besides distribution of finished pharmaceutical products ICHTHYOL-GESELLSCHAFT offers ICHTHYOL® substances as raw  materials for sale.

Approved by health authorities the dark type of ICHTHYOL® is used in German speaking countries in human medicine particularly for application in dermatological formulations by dermatologists and in pharmacies.

For worldwide exports we offer ICHTHAMMOL® as raw material for application in human and veterinary medicine.
Another pale type of ICHTHYOL® is offered worldwide under the name of ICHTHYOL® PALE for application in the cosmetics industry.

Mining, manufacture and quality are continuously adapted to the ever growing legal requirements in order to provide users of our raw materials the familiar certainty for future utilisation.

This means among others that all raw materials are manufactured under GMP conditions. They comply with the high purity requirements of pharmacopoeias.

Documentation currently requested for the procedures under REACH are available for both active ingredients.

Besides ICHTHYOL® substances we offer the dermatologist bases for manufacture of extemporaneous products. We have available a comprehensive collection of analytically proven formulation recommendations useful for treatment of skin disorders.

Please inform yourself on the following pages about our company, our quality policy and our versatile possibilities of therapy.

Thank you for your interest.

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