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Ichthyol-Gesellschaft manufactures unique raw materials from highly sulfuric bituminous carbonate rocks in GMP compliant production under the umbrella term of Ichthyol® substances. Fascinated by the numerous inclusions of prehistoric scale fish in the rock Greek “Ichthys” was combined with latin “Oleum” to the illustrious name of “Ichthyol®”.


Chemically, we are dealing with sulfonated shale oils of highest purity. Their uniquely high content of organically bound sulfur is indispensable for their therapeutic effect.

Ichthyol® substances are among the best-documented substances of natural origin today. Their multiple effects and good tolerability have been proven by science-backed research.

Basically, a distinction must be made between so-called dark and pale sulfonated shale oils, which are offered worldwide as raw materials under their own brand names.

Fish fossil from Seefeld Paralepidotus ornatus
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Under the brand name Ichthammol®, a dark Ichthyol® substance is offered worldwide for use in human and veterinary dermatology. The GMP-certified Ichthammol® from Reith bei Seefeld, Austria, complies with the requirements of various pharmacopoeias (e.g. Ph.Eur., USP). For the Ph.Eur. quality, a certificate of suitability from the European Supervisory Authority is available under the registration number R1-CEP-2001-274-Rev 02.

Ichthyol® Pale

A pale Ichthyol® substance developed specifically for cosmetic use is offered under the name Ichthyol® Pale. In hair and skin care, the cosmetic ingredient with the official INCI designation “Ictasol” has gained worldwide importance. Its benefits in combating stubborn dandruff and impure skin can be traced back due to its broad action profile. Ichthyol® Pale is characterized by versatile cosmetic formulation possibilities.

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In order to offer the users of our raw materials reliable application now and in the future, sourcing, production and quality are constantly adapted to the ever growing legal requirements.

Convince yourself of the quality and the action profile of unique raw materials on the following pages.

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